Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our mid-century chandelier

No houses this has just been too busy to go chasing them down! So I'll this week I'm going to leave you with a picture of our chandelier that we scored off Ebay awhile back. It was the chandelier of my dreams....I showed my husband when I found it on Ebay with a buy it now option. I told him it wouldn't be there long for the price. Then I went to bed. The next day I woke up and first thing I did for some reason was check on the chandelier. I saw it had sold and I yelled to my husband "It's gone! I told you that it wouldn't be there long!"  He walked out of our bedroom with a smug smile and I don't remember his exact words...but something about they way he was acting tipped me off that WE were the new proud owners of a sweet vintage 60s chandelier! I sure do love my hubby. Now if only I could find the vintage Danish Modern dining table of my dreams...*sigh*


  1. awwww... sweet little hubby! love the chandelier!

  2. Great looking house. Congratulations to you.
    T. Shelton

  3. First off I love your house. BUT I seriously need to see more from you. You have really left me hanging. I need to know about the rest of your house. I am a fellow Grand Rapidian so I am super excited about your blog.

  4. Thanks so much for your response! It is really awesome to find more MCM lovers in GR. Wondering how do you find mid-century hardware, if you have had any luck finding um!
    I am looking for house numbers, mail box, screen doors, drawer pulls!

    1. Well I haven't had much luck with any of those things but check all the ReStores you can find! I've seen a lot of cool mid century stuff in them... unfortunately my kitchen was updated in the 70s/80s and is not original. My dream is to bring it back to some kind of MCM look I'm always looking for kitchen hardware. On the mailbox note--I read a story one time about a guy who wanted a old mailbox he spotted out on the street. He knocked on the door of the owner and offered to buy them a new one and put it up for them in exchange for their mid century one. They agreed. It never hurts to ask I guess! :-) Anyway, anytime you want to talk MCM just drop me a line...I'm pretty obsessed.