Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our mid-century chandelier

No houses this has just been too busy to go chasing them down! So I'll this week I'm going to leave you with a picture of our chandelier that we scored off Ebay awhile back. It was the chandelier of my dreams....I showed my husband when I found it on Ebay with a buy it now option. I told him it wouldn't be there long for the price. Then I went to bed. The next day I woke up and first thing I did for some reason was check on the chandelier. I saw it had sold and I yelled to my husband "It's gone! I told you that it wouldn't be there long!"  He walked out of our bedroom with a smug smile and I don't remember his exact words...but something about they way he was acting tipped me off that WE were the new proud owners of a sweet vintage 60s chandelier! I sure do love my hubby. Now if only I could find the vintage Danish Modern dining table of my dreams...*sigh*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mid-Century Time Capsule!

Hi Everyone! I'm here with my first post featuring a house that isn't mine! :-) These pictures are of a mid-century gem that was custom built in my neighborhood back in the late 50s (totally forgot to get the actual date, I was so excited to come into the house!)The original owner still lives there and he was very nice and let me in to snap some pictures. I was so ga-ga about it all..I love his original light fixtures and make sure you check out that SWEET door handle! 

Exterior caught my eye RIGHT away.
When I saw the door handle, I knew I had to try to see the inside!

Original Grasscloth!

Sweet fireplace wall!

Built in book case...extended over the doorway!

Cohen was impressed.

Original Stove!!!

Checking out the original cabinets...I want that hardware!

Grey tile pattern in bathroom

Cabinet in bathroom.

Really cool dresser set!

Entry way into the house.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Mudless Mudroom

Oddly, this is one of my favorite rooms in the house...maybe because I feel it typically is one of the cleanest and best organized (ha!) The seating I scored about 6-8 years ago at a Goodwill. They only wanted $20.00 dollars for it! At the time I didn't have a place for it so it sat in my basement until last fall when we moved into our new house. I was so nervous it wasn't going to fit on this wall but oh lucky me---it did! :-) The vintage suitcases underneath the seating didn't really work so I took them out from under there. Also, I wish the door was closed so you could see my cool MCM cats on the wall! Do you guys have mudrooms?? I lived without one for years and I'm so happy to have one now!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Let me introduce myself. I'm Liz...I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan...and I'm into 1950s/60s ranch houses-- BIG TIME. This is a place to share my love for mid-century EVERYTHING...but with a focus specifically on the ranch houses in my neighborhood. We just bought a 50s ranch (1957 to be exact) last fall and I've discovered there are many really cool houses in our new neighborhood (many with original owners). I'm hoping that I can get to know some of my neighbors well enough that they will let me photograph the mid-century details of their home. I'm not really sure how this project will go as some people may feel weird about letting me do this. However, I just feel this drive to document because the original details of these homes are disappearing FAST! My hope is that the pictures I take can be resources for those in the future interested in re-creating or preserving their mid-century homes! For this first post, I'm going to share pictures of the outside of our house. I would like to paint our house sometime in the future (not the stone, just the house) but for now it is what it is!