Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Mudless Mudroom

Oddly, this is one of my favorite rooms in the house...maybe because I feel it typically is one of the cleanest and best organized (ha!) The seating I scored about 6-8 years ago at a Goodwill. They only wanted $20.00 dollars for it! At the time I didn't have a place for it so it sat in my basement until last fall when we moved into our new house. I was so nervous it wasn't going to fit on this wall but oh lucky me---it did! :-) The vintage suitcases underneath the seating didn't really work so I took them out from under there. Also, I wish the door was closed so you could see my cool MCM cats on the wall! Do you guys have mudrooms?? I lived without one for years and I'm so happy to have one now!!


  1. nope, but i really wish we did! love the paint color of yours.

  2. Thanks! We must have loved it too...we painted the kitchen and our bedroom the same color. It could be a little much for some people but we really love it!

  3. Great chairs! I work at a goodwill I hope to find something as great as this one day!