Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mid-Century Time Capsule!

Hi Everyone! I'm here with my first post featuring a house that isn't mine! :-) These pictures are of a mid-century gem that was custom built in my neighborhood back in the late 50s (totally forgot to get the actual date, I was so excited to come into the house!)The original owner still lives there and he was very nice and let me in to snap some pictures. I was so ga-ga about it all..I love his original light fixtures and make sure you check out that SWEET door handle! 

Exterior caught my eye RIGHT away.
When I saw the door handle, I knew I had to try to see the inside!

Original Grasscloth!

Sweet fireplace wall!

Built in book case...extended over the doorway!

Cohen was impressed.

Original Stove!!!

Checking out the original cabinets...I want that hardware!

Grey tile pattern in bathroom

Cabinet in bathroom.

Really cool dresser set!

Entry way into the house.


  1. funny how it's the little details like the door handle and light fixtures that catch our interest. i'm the same way!

  2. I'm glad someone else out there understands. I truly think I freak people out with my excitement over original light fixtures! :-)

  3. I bet that guy thought you were crazy, too :) I used to get so excited by things my grandma had and she's like "this old thing?"

    I loooove that picture where there's the exercise bike--I want a wall of brick like that!

  4. No he TOTALLY did think I was nuts, but he was very nice about it. He was actually kinda interested in what I had to say because he's getting to the point where he is thinking of selling his house! He'll do well if he ever had an estate sale, he had some Herman Miller furniture that was AWESOME! :-)