Monday, June 13, 2011


Let me introduce myself. I'm Liz...I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan...and I'm into 1950s/60s ranch houses-- BIG TIME. This is a place to share my love for mid-century EVERYTHING...but with a focus specifically on the ranch houses in my neighborhood. We just bought a 50s ranch (1957 to be exact) last fall and I've discovered there are many really cool houses in our new neighborhood (many with original owners). I'm hoping that I can get to know some of my neighbors well enough that they will let me photograph the mid-century details of their home. I'm not really sure how this project will go as some people may feel weird about letting me do this. However, I just feel this drive to document because the original details of these homes are disappearing FAST! My hope is that the pictures I take can be resources for those in the future interested in re-creating or preserving their mid-century homes! For this first post, I'm going to share pictures of the outside of our house. I would like to paint our house sometime in the future (not the stone, just the house) but for now it is what it is!


  1. i can't wait to hear how this project goes! i bet you will be pleasantly surprised. people will take it as a huge compliment that you are inspired by their homes. i bet you get some invites inside... or at least i hope you do!

  2. you have a cool house, I love 50s/60s architecture

  3. Well so far I've been invited in by two neighbors I've talked to about the project and I got some great pictures in one of the homes! It was a total time capsule. I really love 50s/60s architecture was such an imaginative time!

  4. where do you live? the exterior looks familiar... i have a mid-century home in EGR. you're welcome to "come-in" if you'd like. :)

    you can see a few pics of my house on my FB page.

    good luck on your project!

  5. WOW! Your house is amazing!! I would love to do a feature on your house sometime if you would be willing!
    My house is on the west side of Grand the Walker/Richmond area.

  6. I love that big wall of windows!

    And you're right--original details are going out the window. Boo.